Thursday, November 29, 2007


Used/Abused/& Financially Raped by any and all takers.
In light of the recent Writer's strike here in The Entertainment Capital of the Wortld; Hollywood, Ca. . I began to reflect upon this "BUSINESS that we call SHOW" And the many components/positions that makes it tick. And if those positions/components were likened to a race. Directors would be the caucAsians/ Actors the Asians/Writers the Mexicans/Comedians the Niggers. And the Studio heads and Studios period that you may think I have forgotten to mention;are like the Rothschild's/Bush's/ & Rockerfellers. But having said that the most important of all these is the Creator;The Creator of Content. The most Prolific and Potent creator that exist is the Comedian; the TRUE Comedian. You see without the Creator there is no JOke that makes us laugh nor a Story to make us cry.

Which brings me to my point about Comedians being the niggers of Show Business. As I stated in Daryl Littletons's Best Selling book "Black Comedians on Black Comedy". Club Owners /Promoters and every Exhibitor of the this "Thing Of Ours". This Craft of Comedy refuse to pay a decent wage. Knowing damn well that the cost of living continues to soar, but they continue to nickle and dime the Comic. And are actually paying LESS than what Red Foxx/Milton Berle/Dick Gregory/Jackie Mason & those guys were getting paid back in the 60's/50's/& 40's. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Comedians ARE the MOST CREATIVE but the LEAST RESPECTED. When everybody in the Comedy Club is making money except who the people came to see, the Comedian. AH! let me stop you before you start with the programmed bullshit- I mean me to sing along. "They're not there to see you. Who are you? If the people knew who you were ; you wouldn't need this Club you'd be in a Theatre." yadayadayada something to that effect. Let me clear my throat, and allow me to borrow your imagination and use this simile. Let's look at the Comedy Club as a Restaurant ,first of all the waiter at a 5 Star Restaraunt does not and will not earn more money than the Chef. I equate the Comedian to a Chef that not only has great recipes/material but also brings the food that he will then cook and serve the people, and make it look easy . In a nutshell the Comedy club is the restaraunt. But who would want to go to a restaurant that had no food, and like wise WHO would go to a Comedy Club without Comedians. It ain't happenin'

The Most creative ;the least respected. And like Niggers, not Niggaz because Niggaz stick together, if you don't stick to gether you're bound for extinction. There is no sense of Community amongst Comedians, especially on the black circuit. Meanwhile every other job in Hollywood looks out for one another and has a support system in place by way of a Union. The need has never been greater, there have been Comedians who have recently died and didn't even have the money to be buried.

What's wrong with this picture?

While Television and Movie writers, who happen to come down with a bad case of writer's block, visit their local Comedy club for fresh ideas & inspiration. I'm telling you what I know not what I heard, I've seen how Comedians like Bill Bellamy change the American vocabulary overnight with the phrase "Booty Call" and never recieve a check. In fact a movie was made called Booty Call and it didn't star him. Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson happen to be the stars of that "classic"

So what do I propose?
My Proposal is this

1) Stop back stabbing & Under cutting fellow Comedians.
You're fucking up the Game.

2) Get your Sales Game Up. There's a reason Crystal Champagne costs $1500 a bottle and other brands cost less. It's about perceived Market Value.

3) Do unto Others as you wish they'd do unto You
Look for ways to feed your fellow Comedians. Meaning freely pass along Gigs and/ Or Information about work ESPECIALLY FILM&TELEVISION. Give it.

4) Don't fall for the Bannana in the tale pipe. There's more than enough room at the table for ALL of US. If it's not you're dreaming to small. Expand your Vision IMAGINE a bigger table.

If WE don't do it ; if WE don't look out for OURSELVES . And do it NOW we'll die off one by one with broken dreams and broken bank accounts. TEAMWORK MAKES DREAMS WORK. The more you give the more you get. Give greater support to ne another.




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