Tuesday, December 18, 2007

COMEDY CARTELS forcing those who bring us Comedy to live in Tragedy

COMEDY Cartels forcing those who bring us Comedy to live

The Comedian I’m talking about is the non-FAMOUS one.
It’s the bench rider on the squad of Professional sports. You know the ones good enough to make it to the Professional level. But they just don’t have the popularity and recognition. That name-face recognition thing going. People might know that they’ve seen them some…where.. but they just can’t place it. OR they’ve heard your name but have never seen what you do.

In the world of Comedy this non- marquee player is the very foundation of Comedy Club Empires that exist across this great nation of ours. I submit to you that it is these UNKNOWN but HIGHLY TRAINED Comedians that are the lifeblood of every comedy club/show.

I submit to you that it is not the JERRY SEINFELD’S/MICHAEL RICHARDS/DAMON WAYANS/STEVE HARVEY’S/EDDIE MURPHY’S/DAVE CHAPPELLE’S/NOR THE DANE COOK’S that keep these businesses open. If that were the case they’d only be open a few times a month; if that. Because that’s about as much these MARQUEE PLAYERS PASS THROUGH the local Comedy club scene.

Do you know why?
Every Comedian knows that you make real money ON THE ROAD.
So why do a rinky dink club in town for some chicken wings and a beer( if you’re lucky ) when you know that if you go out of town you could make a 100 times as much with more respect.

So while Larry the Cable guy is off making his $300,000 A SHOW.
Steve Harvey’s his $60,000 A SHOW
Jay Leno’s $100,000 A SHOW
Eddie Griffin’s $30,000 A SHOW
On and on and on..
The Comedy Store
The Laugh Factory
The Improv
The Icehouse
The Funny Bone
The ….Chuckle Hut
Are all still open.
Some are even open 7 days a week.
Why? How are they ALL still open?

Because of the Comedian like Me & You. The ones who’ve been tried by the Fire of Stage, and the Storms of Life. We who even in the midst OUR pain, in spite of our DIFFICULTIES, bring JOY&LAUGHTER to those whom seek it; thus fulfilling our divine purpose.

But are treated as less than worms of the dirt. And told that there are hundreds yeah even thousands just like US. I reject that declaration. I reject it for the very reasons previously stated. For without the seasoned veteran Comic ALL OF THESE Comedy Cartels would fall like a house of cards. I reject the disrespect associated with that attitude. Which disgusts me to highest degree. WE have all been privy to witnessing how a Club Owner/Promoter PANICS when there are few to NO COMEDIANS around. I have seen the fear that grips them in their eyes, as they then begin to manipulate the only Comedian around. Suddenly acting as if they were a person and not just a talking beast of burden. BUT oOoh! let there be a multitude of talented and faithful Comedians in the Temple of Joy that night. Then that same Comic who was treated with respect because the Club Owner/Promoter needed them. Is suddenly treated worse than a the new $2 Ho on the block. Leaving another victim dazed and confused.

How dare you who cannot do what the Comedian, the very life of your business, can do
but talk disrespectfully down too.
How dare you treat those who make us laugh as if they were paupers and pan handlers?

I DECLARE that it is quite enough Sir.
It has been more than enough Madam.

“My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”

Stand-Up’s we are not powerless; though we are made to feel that way. It's simply the Jedi mind –fuck.
Once we understand the POWER that already resides in OUR HANDS ;then we can better take care of ourselves.
Our power is in the people.
And "The People" LOVE US
The human spirit demands quality Comedy
And what is quality in Comedy is like Wine ;The longer the time the better the WIne
But the People can't afford Concert ticket prices every weekend.
Nor will the people tolerate an Open Mic night level of entertainment.
Here we are paid for our, just as

"As the Doctor & Mechanic are paid for their knowledge and experience.
So shall The Comedian ; who are no less than these Specialists."

"He who does not stand for something;
will fall for anything"



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