Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Rythm of a Joke

Whether you are a Preacher/Public Speaker/or Stand-Up Comedian,every great Orator is like a Jazz Musician playing a song. In the case of the Comedian every Joke is a Note and every laugh a crescendo. If you listen closely to the Rythm/Cadence/and Delivery of any speaker; you feel a stir within to the song their singing with their speech. For the Comedian we Laugh. For the Poet we Snap. And for the Preacher we yell AMEN!

'Don't nothing scare a Wino.
They can handle Dracula
Say Fool ! What you doin
Peekin' in those PeoPle's window?!"
- Richard Pryor

If one does not have the complete works of Richard Pryor in the Comedy library for a study tool( yet). As you can imagine Richard's Rythm/Cadence/and Delivery is what makes us laugh. But if you focus your attention to the way words were put together. And say those 5 words OUT LOUD to yourslef. "Peeking in those PeoPle's window" that shit is funny.'s all because of the words being put together Phonetically in a Masterful way. Meaning based upon the way it sounded. It's like Peter PiPer Picked a Peck of Pickled PePPers.

Study & Meditate upon this.

"If you can not fart around the one you love; and they love you same
their love has stench worse than yak flatulence.

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