Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Many people there be on stage telling jokes.
But few are true Comedians.

Comedy is a Calling.
It is a deep yearning to turn tears into a tickle,
and pain into laughter.

How can you tell if you have the calling of a true Comedian?

A true comedian creates and doesn't imitate.
A true Comedian is too proud to steal a joke. He/she wants to know that the laughter came from something they wrote.Because a true Comedian wants THEIR voice to be heard.

Like George Carlin & Richard Pryor, their voices are/were original in that it was genuinely honest and revealingly authentic....smoke a blunt and think about that..lol..

But the jackals and hyenas don't care.
They don't care that when they steal someone else's material the essence of that person is still what got the laugh and not them.

True Comedians, on the other hand, have an unspoken/unwritten understanding of the rules of the game of creation.
Which is #1 If you did not come up with the joke it is not your idea no matter how many funny tags you come up with, after the fact.

INSIGHT: At that moment is a/the spiritual test.
Are you worthy of The gift of ORIGINAL thought?.
Which is a joke that others will say " I WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF THAT"

It is at that moment the great Creator is testing us to see if we're ready for the gift.
That's the reason why you hadn't thought of anything close to what you just heard, when you heard it. And now your mind is flooded with all kinds of funny hooks and ways in which you could do it,IF you had thought of the joke 1st.

PROPER RESPONSE: Give. Give all of those brilliant tags and ideas to the person GOD (I like to acknowledge him as) has given the joke too. Then you will see how that actually accelerates your creativity.


Write, don't bite.

To hear some examples n samples of ORIGINAL THOUGHT go to CDbaby.com/MARQUEZGREATEST

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